Fire Department History

In 1936 Midland Township began discussions to the Midland City about fire protection in Midland township. By April 1937 the board voted to investigate the cost of fire protection from the city and then later agreed to pay the city $40.00 for each fire run they made to the township.

In 1941 the township agreed to buy a Chevrolet Truck to mount the fire fighting equipment to, fire fighting equipment from the American-Marsh Pump co of Battle Creek Michigan and raised millage one mil to pay for the new fire truck.

On April 5, 1943, 27 men were appointed by the Midland Township Board to serve on the Midland Township Fire Department.  The first fire fighters were:
Adam Draves
Albert Schultz
Basil Lincoln
Charles Brookes
Charles McCrary
Ed Seibert
Ernest Cobb
Frank Woodcock
Gail Harper
Herbert Woodcock
James Haley
John Bauknecht
Keith Sias
Leo Cone
Lloyd Smith
Norman Cater
Paul Shauger
Ray Baker
Ray Carlson
Victor Stuart
Walter Barth
Walter herholzer
Ward Grainder
Warner Cox
Wilbur Woodcock
David Bryan

August 19th, 1958 a siren was installed at the B. Rockafellow garage.

In February of 1959 the new fire truck was purchased for the sum of $13,100.00 plus grab rails on sides of cab, compartments on back of truck for portable pump, and a canvas cover for top of hose and portable pump.

In June of 1962 the board purchased the property were the Fire Hall now stands for $4,400.00.

In 1963 the Midland Township planned to build new building at a cost of $22,599.90. The first township meeting was held on September 18, 1963 at the new Fire/Township Hall.

December 9, 1964, Chief Rockafellow resigned, Ray Wyse elected Chief.  Fire fighters were:
Bernard Rockafellow
Dale Moe
Dale Moore
Ed Rider
Jack Ryder
Lyle Shangle
Maurice Crall
Melvin Mudd
Merland Tyrell
Ray Wyse
Richard Huey
Robert Moe
Roy Devereaux
Stanley McLaughlin
William Miller
Arlan Norton

November 1974 Purchased fire truck #5.

November 1976 Purchased fire truck #7 and new radio equipment with a gift from the Dow Foundation.

Currently in 2007 the board has approved the purchase of a new pumper/tanker fire truck to be delivered in 2008.